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East Coast Park Singapore Family Session

I love when my clients introduce me to new locations and this was one such session where this happened! When Yuling suggested East Coast Park it dawned on me that 95% of my shoots have taken place more centrally, so I was more than up for discovering a new place 😄Prior to Yuling's session I made sure to scout out the places she had mentioned - I do this at the same time that the actual shoot would take place to get an idea of the light and to see which areas would be beautiful to shoot at. During this recon I passed a gorgeous lake with the most dreamy overhanging trees and I just knew that it would be perfect for some of the captures that I was envisioning in my mind. I wasn't wrong 😉Yuling had suggested two different locations, both of which I scouted out beforehand and taking into account her vision and her delightful little toddler, East Coast Park became the obvious choice.

We started out by the Nature Playgarden near PS Café which seemed to keep Yuling's baby girl quite entertained among the logs and flowers, but we quickly saw that the real stars of the show for her were some nearby stairs! She could not get enough of them and went up and down them countless times - quite a workout for this photographer! 😆She was just a delight to capture 🥰

After a little while we made our way to the above mentioned lake, the perfect spot for some more family pictures as well as some tender breastfeeding moments between mama and baby. It was just as magical as I had seen it in my mind's eye and after all that running around, Yuling's daughter seemed quite happy to nurse and snuggle into her safe space.

For the last part of the session we decided to head towards the beach which I'm so happy we did because I was able to capture some really precious moments of Yuling, her husband and baby girl which I hadn't quite planned for. The beach on the East Coast isn't fully photogenic (if you've been there, you know what I mean!) but with the right lens, the less visually appealing spots didn't make an appearance. We ended with beautiful Yuling nursing her little one on the beach and it was so tender and precious. With the shoot ending at 6:30pm I was mightily impressed with Yuling's toddler's stamina and energy - 90 minutes of shooting and not a single meltdown! She did look like she was falling asleep in her mama's arms at the end though and who could blame her 🥰

I absolutely loved capturing this beautiful family - there was a deep sense of calm and go-with-the-flow with not just Yuling and her husband, but with their gorgeous little girl as well.

Thank you Yuling, for allowing me to capture this season of your lives, both as a family but also as a breastfeeding mama - it truly makes my heart sing and swell to eternalise this bond between mother and child.

To read Yuling's testimonial of her session, please have a read here. More info on my FAMILY and BREASTFEEDING MAMAS sessions can be found here and here, respectively.

*out of respect for Yuling's wishes, no front face images of her girl are being shared in this post.

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