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Palawan Beach Family Session

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Imagine going to elementary school and becoming besties with a girl. Then you move away and don't see each other until 20 years have passed. Since you both live in Europe you get invited to her gorgeous Italian wedding. And then you move again, wondering when the next time will be that you see each other again. Well, the universe always has plans, people!

My husband and I had been living in Singapore a few months when Tanja messaged to say that she and her husband along with their little girl were moving to the Little Red Dot too! I was so incredibly thrilled, especially as we were both pregnant at the same and had our boys 2 weeks apart. It's been such an incredible blessing to have Tanja and her family here and being able to take their family photos has meant something extra special for me.

We settled on Palawan Beach on Sentosa and met up early one Saturday morning - I was so excited to see how beautifully Tanja had coordinated the family's outfits as little touches like these make such a difference in the final look and feel of a shoot. Elodie and Oliver seemed in high spirits so we got busy taking as many family shots as we could - since the kids are still little I always find it best to go by their lead so they don't get pushed out of their comfort zone too much. When one of them got a bit tired, we let them do their thing and I instead took the opportunity to capture some moments of Elodie with mummy and/or daddy, and did the same with Oliver.

When they both felt "right, we're off!" at the SAME time, we got in some beautiful shots of Tanja and Marco instead, something I always recommend a couple do during a family shoot.

It was so much fun getting to capture this beautiful family on the beach, witnessing the love and laughter the four of them share as well as capturing Tanja and Marco on their own - our wedding is often the last time we get our photos taken professionally, so it's always such joy to take the extra time and focus on the marrieds, even for just a few snaps. And of course, is there anything better than to see your childhood friend surrounded by happiness, laughter and love? ❤️Thank you Tanja, Marco, Elodie & Oliver for letting me capture your gorgeous family - I can't wait to eternalise your moments as a family of five soon! 😉

Read here for Tanja's thoughts on the day and here for more info on my family sessions. I also had the great pleasure of taking Tanja's maternity photos for her third baby so watch this space for that blog post to come soon!

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