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"There are a few important elements to consider when it comes to deciding on who to select as your family and maternity photographer. They, after all, will be capturing you in your most intimate and vulnerable moments. You are allowing someone to enter your safe and sacred personal space.


1. You want your photographer to make you feel comfortable, safe and respected.

2. You want your photographer to have the skills and intuition to capture the best angles and the best moments.

3. You want your photographer to have the passion and care to invest in each and every family they visit. You need that connection with someone who truly believes in the power of their craft and does not just view it as a job.


You may even walk away with a friend for life after your interaction with them. This is certainly my experience with Nic. A truly beautiful soul who has left a lasting impression on our family, an amazing mother and skilled photographer that has touched our hearts and delivered extraordinary images we are so grateful to now be able to keep forever."

                                                                                                                  - Tiffany on her family session,

                                                                                                                 owner/creator of RAPH&REMY

"We were never the couple that gets their photos taken professionally. Even for our wedding, we went for candid photos taken by a talented friend rather than taking the time to create the right poses/scenes for our photos. So, for a change, we dressed up and felt fabulous and we spent a fun afternoon with Nic. She knew exactly what to say, and how to guide us through the poses and let us be ourselves and laugh, as well as setting the tone for moments when we wanted to portray intimacy and deeper feelings. When I saw the final result I was amazed at recognising in each picture the way I actually felt in my mind in the moment each shot was taken, which is I believe the hardest thing for a photographer. Nic absolutely nailed it and opened my mind to experiment more with it and have more photos taken - by her! - in the future."

                                                                                                                   - Gilda on her couples session

Singapore Lifestyle Photography | Nic Imai Photography | Couples photography Singapore The Fullerton Bay Hotel
Singapore Lifestyle Photographer | Nic Imai Photography | Indoor maternity photography Singapore Holland Village

"I was initially a bit apprehensive about doing a maternity shoot but Nic instantly made me feel at ease with her very warm and professional manner, I even ended up actually enjoying the session! Nic did a fantastic job in guiding me through the shoot and making sure I felt comfortable along the way. The end result was magnificent! Now all I need to do is decide which of the beautiful images I want to have printed. I will definitely be back for another family shoot once the new little one arrives."

                                                                                                               - Tanja on her maternity session

"Nic took breastfeeding photos of me and my baby boy at our condo in Singapore. She immediately made me feel relaxed and at ease, and the whole experience was really enjoyable and lovely. Everything felt natural as we followed the cues of my baby. The photos when they arrived were stunningly beautiful! Nic managed to capture a precious moment of time in the life of my baby, and the photos document the bond between me and my boy - the fun and laughter as well as the breastfeeding and love. Thank you so much Nic, for a wonderful photoshoot experience!"


                                                                                                  - Rebecca on her breastfeeding session

Singapore Lifestyle Photographer | Nic Imai Photography | Outdoor breastfeeding photography Singapore Duchess Avenue
Singapore Lifestyle Photographer | Nic Imai Photography | Outdoor family photography Sentosa Palawan Beach Singapore

"We had a wonderful experience with Nic for our family shoot. The warm and relaxed experience made the whole family feel at ease. The children hardly noticed we were doing a shoot as they were enjoying the time with the family so much. When we received the images we were amazed by how stunning they were, they had a really light and airy feel to them which is exactly what we wanted. The whole experience was outstanding. Thank you Nic!"

                                                                                                                      - Tanja on her family session

"It has been an amazing experience and I really hope that other mothers could have this kind of memory to keep for the rest of their lives! Nic is a special person, she makes you feel comfortable in your routine. I chose an open air place for the shoot, it was a public garden but not so crowded. The session lasted 1 hour more or less and, my son and I were doing exactly what we felt like doing. As a lovely mum, Nic wasn’t asking us to do specific things, it would have been difficult with a 2.5 year old boy, she was just always ready with the camera to catch the special moments of fun and breastfeeding. The photo shoot has been a really appreciated present, it wouldn’t come to my mind
to do something like this, but now that I have these special photos I am so so happy! The experience has been fantastic, the photographer excellent and the result exciting!"

                                                                                                         - Elisa on her breastfeeding session

Singapore Lifestyle Photographer | Nic Imai Photography | Outdoor breastfeeding photography Serene Garden Gardens By The Bay Singapore
Singapore Lifestyle Photographer | Nic Imai Photography | Outdoor maternity photography Singapore Botanic Gardens

"I love all the photos taken by Nic! It was a really great and smooth experience. My husband is the type who does not like his photos taken, but he admitted that it was a really nice experience too! Nic really managed to capture all the nice shots. The editing of the photos is very nice as well! She was really accommodating and kept asking me if we were okay. My toddler was also quite difficult for his photos to be taken, but she managed to capture some despite that which was so awesome. 

I would highly recommend Nic for maternity shoots to my friends. All the photos turned out so beautiful. Thank you so much!

                                                                                                         - Amanda on her maternity session

"I teared when I saw our gallery for the first time. The photographs were beautiful and absolutely wonderful in the way Nic had captured all the joyful, playful and tender moments of our shoot at East Coast Park. I love that there is something special for everyone in this collection: photos of and with our baby that my husband and I will treasure forever, photos of me nursing baby that will remind me of this season of our lives and the special bond we share, and heirloom-worthy family pictures that our daughter can show her children and grandchildren in the future. Nic is a warm, friendly photographer who made us all - even the usually camera-shy husband - feel at ease. We couldn't recommend her more."

                                                                                                                    - Yuling on her family session


"When I first saw the photos, I could not stop smiling. All the images are so precious and beautiful that it was impossible for me to make choices!! Nic was able to capture the joyful and tender moments vividly, as well as making use of the beautiful morning light to create magical, golden coloured images. Her warm and easygoing personality made me and Lucas feel comfortable, we were just doing our own thing while Nic was doing her magic. We actually needed to postpone the session a few times due to the rain, but all the wait was worth it! I am looking forward to another photo session with Nic - hopefully a family session when baby Lucas turns one."

                                                                                                        - Dewi on her breastfeeding session

"Life should not only be lived. It should be celebrated.

With increasing age, the birthday modesty arises, and maybe you feel better not making a big thing out of it...Nic will tell you "A birthday is always a reason to celebrate!" and she is right. Most of us put ourselves in the background the whole year, but at least on our birthday, we should put ourselves in the spotlight - and my big fat recommendation is to choose the spotlight of Nic's camera! She is a great photographer and an incredibly friendly and pleasant person who gives a good feeling from first contact. Everything was so uncomplicated, stress-free, perfect! She will capture perfect and natural moments under any circumstances, work with unlimited passion and is a real lucky stroke for everyone who is searching for a photographer.

I am more than glad that she captured me on my special day this year with my stunning birthday cake! Everyone should do this - because none of us will ever regret that we have too many beautiful pictures of ourselves. Thank you Nic!"

                                                                                                    - Andrea on her Celebrate You session

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