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East Coast Singapore At Home Family Session

The Okumus...the beautiful Okumus. The moment I stepped into their gorgeous home I felt so welcomed and relaxed. Both Tiffany and Eric were so much fun to capture with their warm, easygoing personalities and their two boys...cuteness overload!! As ensuing images will demonstrate 😉

As a natural light photographer, I do always prefer shooting outdoors to get the most out of natural light and so I was thrilled when I was taken to the outdoor patio area because holy, the light was amazing! Beautiful natural light in the comfort of my clients' own home - couldn't ask for more! 🤩Eric wasn't quite ready when the shoot started so I went ahead and got some gorgeous captures of Tiffany and her two sons - Raph, the oldest, gave me some beautiful full on stares into the camera so I knew I had to be quick! Remy knew he had to put his game face on too (I'm guessing the brothers are telepathic ha!) and gave me some equally adorable looks that my camera just lapped up. Working with toddlers is a mix of fun, exhilaration and unpredictability which often results in the most precious images. It's never a dull moment, that's for sure! Once Raph felt he'd had enough, he disappeared into the depths of the house only to join us a little later - perfectly timed mind you, for the family portraits!

Once the little boys felt this whole photography thing wasn't their idea of a fun Saturday morning, it was time for Tiffany and Eric to shine in their love and connection ♥️✨I think they must model as a side gig because they were just gorgeous no matter what they did! As much as I love capturing the family together, I absolutely adore being able to capture the two people who started it all - there is a special energy and vibration that is felt once a couple realises they just need to focus on each other and no one else. It's beautiful, intimate and magical. And honestly, these images say it all. They both seemed to really enjoy this breakout session sans kiddos and Tiffany kept exclaiming how much fun she was having where she even suggested that I offer daytime dating photography for couples! I totally see her point - why not take advantage of having your photos taken professionally when you're glammed up for a date with your significant other! And daytime dates are definitely a thing when you become parents! 😆

STUNNING, right?

My only regret from this oh so gorgeous shoot? Not capturing Eric on his own with Raph! But such is the way of family sessions - we missed our window of opportunity with camera-loving Raph before something else enticed him, and if you know toddlers...they know what they want and don't want! 😆

Thank you Tiffany, Eric, Raph and Remy for welcoming me into your home and sharing your beautiful hearts with me. Every session I shoot leaves a footprint on my heart and yours was certainly no exception ♥️The home you have created together is filled with that love, light, beauty and connection that I so often go on about #brokenrecord. It was absolutely beautiful to witness and an honour to capture.

You can find Tiffany's thoughts on the session here and for more info on what to expect from a family shoot with me, please have a read here.

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