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Orchard Singapore Indoor Family Session

The Carpenters were the lucky winners of a giveaway that Raph & Remy and I held a few months ago - they chose the FAMILY PACKAGE and boy was it ever a fun and loud afternoon! Well, with four kids ranging in ages from 15 years to 6 months, it would be! 🥳Since we are still in Phase 2 here in Singapore, we couldn't gather outside which as most of you know is my preferred setting, but being indoors didn't stop me from capturing all the precious moments shared by this sweet family on this particular afternoon.

Since they are a family of six I wanted to make sure that I got in as many different constellations of them as possible and I always aim to get certain shots, but of course I can never guarantee them since it all depends on the day and oftentimes, the kids 😉With that being said, we managed to get the full family shot along with the children with each parent and the siblings on their own. Watching how sweet the children were with each other really melted my heart...and reminded me of my sister and her sons since they are similar in age to the Carpenter kids (minus one child! My sister has three boys). I also got to capture one of my favourite seasons when it comes to mamas and their babies - the breastfeeding season. The bond that can be felt and then seen is just priceless and precious and I doubt any mama would regret having this season captured. Our babies grow so quickly and weaning, unless mama-led, can happen before you realise what's going on.

I was also able to sneak in some shots of Misato and Joel on their own and I loved how I captured them in some quiet, intimate moments despite four kids running around. I think all parents can relate to how chaotic and crazy it gets raising children and it's really too easy to gloss over the relationship with our partner...I experience it myself and I only have one child! So I hope that these images will remind Misato and Joel of a time when it wasn't always so hectic and steeped in routine 😉

Since this shoot Misato and I have formed a deeper friendship and have worked together on a number of projects which really goes to show the wonderful twists of life - if Misato hadn't entered that competition then I would be without this connection so if something tugs at your heart to do that it! You never know where it will lead you and what beautiful connections it may bloom.

So thank you Misato for welcoming me into your family and your heart - I absolutely LOVED capturing your beautiful family of six ♥️and I will always look back on these images with a big smile on my face 😄

For more info on my FAMILY sessions please have a read here.

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