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Singapore Lifestyle Photographer | Nic Imai Photography | relaxed outdoor breastfeeding photography in Duchess Avenue Singapore

Having breastfed my own little one for close to two years, this journey and stage in life is especially dear to my heart. With so many people coming at us with advice during our children's early years, I sometimes feel that our intuition can be drowned out by all the surrounding noise. Nursing my little one has been one of life's greatest joys and every inch of me has always felt it was the right and most natural thing to do. I want to help normalize this totally biologically normal experience today and for future generations to come. Imagine your future daughters, sons and sons/daughters-in-law seeing beautiful timeless images of you breastfeeding - this image would speak louder than any words ever could, supporting them on their own breastfeeding journey with their little one. I want to help other mamas feel as good and strong in their decision as I have, as well as portray this stage of life the way it often is - beautiful, nurturing and precious, for as long as you choose to continue on this journey. I never got round to taking my own breastfeeding photos before it was too late and it is something that I truly wish I had - this time is so fleeting.


- 45 minutes of shooting at a location of your choice

- 10 edited, high res digital images in my signature clean, light and vibrant style that you choose from a gallery of 30 images

- 100% fun and giggles

I shoot in a relaxed setting of your choice, either indoors or outdoors allowing plenty of time for beautiful images to be captured. For more info, please connect with me via email.

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