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Botanic Gardens Family Session

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Sunshine, fun and laughter in a beautiful garden setting - what more could a photographer ask for? The Patz family was such a joy to capture!

Singapore Lifestyle Photographer Nic Imai Photography family portrait at Botanic Gardens

I first got to know Erica, Will and Kai through a La Leche League farewell party (breastfeeding support group for those not in the know!) and we connected instantly when we realised that Erica and I are both half-Japanese and both raising our boys in Japanese! It was like meeting a kindred spirit. We found out we had lots more in common and one of the best things we discovered was the instant connection our toddler boys found with each other too! Kai and Leon are truly best friends and as parents it's such a joy to be able to see the fondness they have for one another, the fun they have together and the little mischief they get up to - they are toddlers, after all!

Being able to take their family photos was both an honour and a joy - I swear Erica and Will must model as a side gig as they fell into their poses so naturally and with such ease! Kai was a trooper too and though there were many things to distract him at the Botanic Gardens, he did so well throughout the shoot. I always try to capture more natural, posed looks as well as letting families do their thing "unaware" of the camera - in many cases, these shots come out the best!

We also managed to sneak in some couples shots of Erica & Will, the perfect opportunity to do so during a family shoot - I love being able to capture the love and tenderness that may often go unnoticed during busy family life but which I know is there, and bring it to the surface. After all, that love and tenderness is what created the family in the first place :)

Thank you Erica, Will and Kai for letting me capture your beautiful family, your love, your laughter and your light!

If you're interested to know more about my family shoots, you can find it here.

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