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Duchess Avenue Breastfeeding Photo Session

Updated: May 31, 2020

One of my absolute favourite things to photograph is mamas with their breastfeeding children. Opinions can be divisive when it comes to this issue but I think we can all agree that it's one of the most natural and beautiful ways to nurture our growing babies. The breastfeeding journey is often filled with many different emotions, with as many highs and lows as mother and baby find their rhythm. Having breastfed my own son and having loved the experience (most of the time!), I want to provide beautiful images for my clients who are on their breastfeeding journey right now.

I met up with Arun and Rebecca at their condo grounds early one morning to capture them during the morning golden hour - Arun at 7 months was wide eyed with curiosity and would often give me the perfect gaze into the camera, probably wondering who I was and what I was doing! The most important job that I have during a breastfeeding photo shoot (other than capturing beautiful images of course!) is to ensure that mama and child are relaxed and at ease, and not to rush the process. While younger babies will nurse at almost any given opportunity, the same may not always be said for toddlers. Knowing this is the case, I often hang back and let the mother and child lead since they know best when those tender nursing moments can happen.

We also got in some lovely Mummy & Me shots in between the nursing to change up the pace and environment, always being mindful to let Arun and Rebecca do what came naturally to them. I'm both honoured and thrilled to have eternalised this moment in time for them - thank you Arun and Rebecca for inviting me in to your nursing journey and allowing me to capture the tender love and playful joy between you.

Read Rebecca's testimonial here and to find out more about my breastfeeding photo sessions, click here.

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