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Holland Village Indoor Maternity Session

If you missed reading about how Tanja and I know each other, stop reading this post for a quick sec and read this one first to get the full scoop! I didn't find out until later that she was pregnant but funny story, she was already expecting baby number 3 during her family shoot! I was so excited to be able to take Tanja's maternity photos, especially as it was indoors and I usually shoot outside. There are pros and cons to both situations, with one of the pros being that home is maybe just a bit more comfort and easy. And air-conditioned!

Singapore Lifestyle Photographer Nic Imai Photography indoor maternity photography Holland Village

Tanja is a beautiful mother of two gorgeous children with a third one on his way - she certainly doesn't look old enough to have that many! Her second-born and my son were born just two weeks apart here in Singapore which I find so special.

We chose the perfect mint-green kaftan to go with her beautiful complexion and bump, and mixed it up a little with a silk nightgown and embroidered white dress - honestly, everything looks great on this mama!

As with all my shoots, I do my best to get a good variety of shots - lots of laughter and giggles as well as more quiet, tender moments. We would chitchat throughout, almost like we were just hanging out really and I happened to be there to capture Tanja and her growing bump. Pregnancy is often a very emotional journey and many of us don't always feel that great/beautiful/comfortable in our constantly changing body. My wish is for all the mothers who I photograph to see the glow and beauty I see so clearly through my lens, to remind them that they are beautiful in every season of their life, and especially in the one where they are growing life. The female body is truly amazing and reverent.

I'm so honoured to have captured your pregnancy, Tanja and I can't wait to meet your third little bundle of joy! One thing is for sure, he's lucky to have you as his mama!

Read Tanja's testimonial of her session here and for more info on maternity shoots, have a read here.

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