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The Fullerton Bay Hotel Couples Session

Meet Gilda and Tavo, one of THE sweetest couples you could meet and know. I was so excited to photograph them because I just knew they'd be so fun to work with...and they didn't disappoint! Our session almost got cancelled as it poured down with rain just hours before the shoot AND didn't stop until an hour before our scheduled time 😰 - being the awesome couple they are, they said let's go ahead with the session anyway despite the greyness the rain left behind. There may have been no sunshine on this shoot but their upbeat and fun personalities more than made up for it!

We chose The Fullerton Bay Hotel and surrounding area as our backdrop - this offers a perfect mix of city skyscrapers with the iconic Marina Bay Sands and Art Science Museum for some beautiful variation, as well as the feeling that you are indeed in Singapore, the Lion City. We even got a gorgeous shot with The Fullerton Hotel behind Gilda and Tavo - not just the Bay! I couldn't recommend this location more.

Singapore Lifestyle Photographer Nic Imai Photography Fun intimate couples photography at The Fullerton Bay Hotel in Singapore

Gilda and Tavo took my advice and really dressed up for the occasion - how gorgeous is Gilda in her beautiful outfit? And that green skirt is just too pretty! Lots of twirling and kicking up her heels so we could see her oh so glam Melissas.

They truly were SUCH a joy to capture because more often than not, they would naturally fall into a pose that elicited a loud "that's perfect, hold it!" from me quickly followed by a "that's gorgeous, you guys are so beautiful!" making me so excited to get home and start editing their gallery. I guided them through the tender moments to bring some solemnity into an otherwise very fun shoot that brought so much laughter to all of us.

If you're reading this thinking "I definitely wouldn't be able to fall into anything naturally that would be pretty to look at" I am here to help! And to put you at ease so that you actually do end up doing a lot of things, naturally. And that delivers beautiful, candid images just like Gilda's and Tavo's. That's my job as your lifestyle photographer - to elicit all that playful joy that I know every couple shares without you feeling uncomfortable or posed.

Thank you Gilda and Tavo for the opportunity to capture the sweet, fun love you share. Your session always brings such a big smile to my face.

Read Gilda's testimonial of our session here and to find out more about my couples sessions in general, click here.

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