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Congratulations on your sweet, precious gift from the Universe. Whether you got pregnant easily or it took time for you to conceive, the immense joy and love we feel as we navigate this new world with our child is hard to describe. Time seems to stand still and flash by simultaneously - all I know is that you deserve to have this precious time of your newborn's first few weeks captured to look back on in the years to come.

I advise to wait with a shoot until your little one is at least 2 weeks old - this way you've gotten to know each other a little more and you feel stronger in your role as a mama to one or more treasures. I shoot in a relaxed, lifestyle setting where the focus is on the parents and baby as you are in your home or other familiar surroundings, cocooned in comfort and safety.


- 45-60 minutes of shooting at a location of your choice, where the comfort and ease of your own home is recommended

- 10 edited, high res digital images in my signature clean, light and vibrant style that you choose from a gallery of 30 images

- 100% precious, tender moments with your new angel

I shoot in a relaxed environment allowing plenty of time for beautiful images to be captured. For more info, please connect with me via email.

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