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Singapore Lifestyle Photographer | Nic Imai Photography | lifestyle portrait photographer in Singapore

What started off as a simple passion for photography and capturing beautiful moments in our fleeting lives has taken on a much deeper meaning for me personally. After my mother's tragic passing in November 2019 it has become clear to me why life has led me down this path...thanks to the skills and knowledge I have acquired I was able to capture my beautiful, darling mother the way that she was and how she raised me - wise, kind and loving. 

Her legacy lives on in me through my photography and with each session that I shoot I know she is always right by my side, reminding me of the preciousness of family and love, and rejoicing in the joyful experience of my clients. I know she is supporting me in eternalising beautiful memories for other families.

Everything I do in photography is for her and with her.

I love you mamachan, always and forever. 

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