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Celebrate You session at Raffles, Singapore

What an inspiring, fantastic and eventful year it has been for Tiffany, the beautiful go-getting founder of Raph & Remy. So when November rolled around with her birthday it was a no-brainer to celebrate it with a fun-filled shoot and capture Tiffany's bright light, gorgeous laughter and all round beautiful personality amidst some pink balloons and bubbles 🥳

New to Tiffany's baby goods brand named after her two gorgeous sons, Raph & Remy? Well, where have you been if you're living in Singapore?? She's been featured in many respected publications like British Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harper's Bazaar and Tatler to name a few and she won The Finder Expatpreneur of the Year AND LUXlife Magazine's Parent & Baby Awards for Best Online Bamboo Baby Gifts Retailer - all in a crazy year like 2020! There is seriously no stopping this wonder woman and getting to know this formidable soul has been one of the special highlights of the year for me. She's a true champion of other women and supporting women-led businesses which I value so much. Life is hard enough as it is without making it harder with any kind of cattiness and unhealthy competitive spirit - Tiffany does her thing and knows there is enough love, abundance and success for everyone. Her light doesn't diminish anyone else's and she doesn't need to become small in order to make someone else shine bright. Like really, what's not to love about this woman?

I promise this isn't a plug for her beautiful brand but if you have small children and you're living in a tropical climate, then I can't recommend her goodies enough - everything from the softest swaddles, blankets and onesies (waiting for the adult size! 😉) to the cuddliest teddies and comforters. My favourite thing about it all is that you have the option to personalise the products and what mama doesn't love that? I really cannot sing high enough praises about Raph & Remy and knowing the strong, inspiring force behind the brand only makes it doubly special. What is it they say about people buying from people? It's true.

33 looks absolutely stunning on you Tiffany, and I have no doubt that you will keep shining brighter and brighter in years to come. I absolutely loved capturing you for this very special occasion and I hope you see the incredible love, light, beauty and connection that you add to the universe. Not only did we celebrate your birthday but also your incredible achievements since you launched your business, which also includes running it while being a mama 💪🏼You are an inspiration and I hope that many women who see your story will realise their own potential and take their first step towards manifesting their dream, whatever it may be.

To book your own CELEBRATE YOU session and get radiant images like Tiffany's, have a read here for the deets!

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