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Celebrate You session at Fort Canning Park, Singapore

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

In celebration of the launch of my new package, CELEBRATE YOU, I will be doing a 3-series post showcasing the incredible love, light, beauty and connection of this type of session. First up is the oh so lovely Andrea who is the inspiration behind it all and without whom this package may never have come into being ♥️

Andrea reached out to me last autumn saying she wasn't in any special season of her life but that her 36th birthday was coming up and that she would like to have be captured with her cake (check it out below - can we say WOW!) reply to her was what do you mean you're not in a special season? It's your BIRTHDAY!! Always an occasion to celebrate and I honestly could not love Andrea's request more because it just emanated tremendous self-love and I am a huge proponent of that. When a person gives this gift to themselves, in whatever shape or form, it raises not only their frequency but the frequency of others too. I was so deeply touched and inspired by Andrea's wish to have this shoot for herself that it became my CELEBRATE YOU package. And my wish is for other's to feel what Andrea felt for herself through the whole process - deep love, care and reverence for her soul. And the recognition that she is truly worth celebrating. Perhaps you are thinking that Andrea is single but allow me to break that illusion - she is married and has a child so one might think an obvious choice would have been to include her family for this shoot but she specifically didn't. Her session was all about her light, love, beauty and connection to herself. How inspiring! And refreshing. As wives and mothers we often put others before ourselves, and our own needs and wants can get pushed to the side. It takes effort from within to make sure that doesn't happen and so it was important for me that that Andrea felt like the goddess she is during our session, and to fully celebrate her in her beauty and light.

In organising Andrea's shoot, we discussed back and forth on the location and her wardrobe. In the end we settled for her suggestion of Fort Canning which was just perfect on the morning of her birthday - beautiful weather and soft, dreamy glow was all prepared for her 🥰Something I can't take any credit for, sadly! She was just as lovely and warm in person as she had been in our communication and we had THE best time together. She was stunning in her outfit and as the session progressed, I could see her warming up more and more and really feeling into her beauty and light. It's a beautiful thing to witness and bring out in people because we are ALL so full of light, but too many of us have a tendency to tone it down for whatever reason. It's often hard for me to end these sessions because I just keep seeing so much of the beauty and I want to eternalise it all for my clients. As Andrea herself said, "none of us will ever regret that we have too many beautiful pictures of ourselves."

Thank you Andrea for connecting with me for this very special occasion of yours - I don't know how or why our paths crossed but it was certainly meant to be, reinforcing yet again the magic and power of the universe when we open our hearts to all possibilities. You helped raise my frequency by honouring and raising your own and for that I am truly thankful 🙏🏼Connection to oneself and to others is everything and Andrea's session will always hold a very special place in my heart for the beauty it unfolded in so many ways.

How does my CELEBRATE YOU differ from my other sessions? For starters, it is just for you. This is your moment in the spotlight, your time to shine bright. As such, these are solo shoots with you as the main muse. And so much love, light, beauty and connection. These sessions aren't just for birthdays as you will see in coming blog posts 😉✨

Interested in feeling and looking like a goddess for whatever amazing reason you wish to celebrate yourself for? Then have a read here and click here to see what Andrea said about her session.

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